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By studying trends and colors, going to market after market and listening to our instincts, backgrounds and experiences, we carefully curate our collection each season. We LOVE and enjoy our work very much, and it gives us endless happiness to share it with you. 

We plan each outfit with obsessive attention to detail for our photoshoots and fashion shows. When you come to Antibes we are ready to help you find your own unique look, different ways to wear your favorite pieces, and how to accessorize it too.

Visiting Antibes is a multi-sensory experience: the feel of the nice fabrics, the smell of our candles and beauty products, the soft dreamy music, and the great customer service ready to address your needs. Beautiful gifts for your home or to gift to another home, for all recipients, and within any budget. (But always unique)

 We want every customer to feel that with every item we buy, we are thinking about them and to know that when they come to the store, they will find that special piece with their name on it, just waiting to be discovered.

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Located in the reimagined West Village, Antibes is located right of the MLK exit on chestnut Street.